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Who are we?

Karibu is located in one of the most emblematic streets in the heart of Córdoba, possibly one of the most beautiful cities in the Iberian Peninsula. Its culture, gastronomy and the character of its people make Córdoba a city of encounter and welcome.


That is the soul of Karibu, a welcoming place, a Mediterranean concept with international touches based on Grills with local and organic products. To do this, they rely on what is probably one of the most prestigious brands in our country and synonymous with tradition and avant-garde, the Josper oven-grill. With our magic box and the best product, we will try to make our customers fall in love and try to make karibu the benchmark for barbecue in Córdoba.


Karibu restaurant is a Mediterranean cuisine concept based on grill, with international touches, but with local and organic products, which aims to bring the customer closer to the chef's gastronomic vision

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